How to Set Up System Emails in Journyx

As an admin in Journyx, you have the ability to set up all areas of the Journyx software. One important area that is sometimes overlooked is system emails.

System emails in Journyx allow you to notify your users when their timesheets are late or remind them early so they won’t be late.

If you are a Journyx admin, there are two easy steps you can follow for setting up system emails in Journyx:

  1. Click on Config > System Settings > Server and Email – you will see the Email Server Settings area. If you are running Journyx on your local servers you may need to check with your local IT folks for the info to fill in this section. If you are hosted with Journyx on our servers, it should be filled in for you already. Once that info is all filled in we can move to the next step.System Emails1
  2. Navigate to Config > System Settings > Approvals and Auditing. In the section called Approval Email Settings, you will see an option labeled “Activate approval emails and send daily at [time here]”. This is the “main switch” for all system emails.

System Emails2

Set the time you want scheduled emails to go out, check the box, and click Save. Congratulations, your system is now configured and ready to send system emails!

Here is a video walkthrough on version 9.5 of Journyx (the steps are still the same):

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