Approval Systems in Journyx

The Journyx system has two approval options (Sheet/Period Approvals and Project Approvals) that can be used individually or together. The basic concept is the same but there are also differences.

Basic Concept

Data is entered in to the Journyx system and then sent to a preselected person to approve.


Both Sheet/Period Approvals and Project Approvals have the ability to have multilevel approvals and to have backup approvers, as well as email notifications. Depending on your need, they can also help control the flow of data into connected systems such as Intuit Quickbooks, MS Dynamics GP, MS Project or other connected systems.


The main difference is that one applies to the entire sheet and the other only to a specific project.

With Sheet/Period Approvals, one person approves all entries at each level of approval in the plan. In Project Approvals, you can have different people (Project Managers) approve the time logged to their project. So, you could have one user enter one sheet but log time to 5 different projects, and when submitted those 5 project managers would each have approve/reject options on the time logged to their project.

Another big difference is the approval screen.

On Sheet/Period Approvals, the approver sees the sheet the user has submitted for approval and has access and ability to approve or reject the entire sheet. They can also search for sheets and review past sheets.

On a Project Approval screen, the approver only sees and can approve the time logged to the project for which they are set up as the approver. They do not see any other entry on the sheet. Here you cannot view past approvals.

Wrap Up

While these two approval systems in Journyx are similar, the differences make them distinct and useful depending on your company’s needs.

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