The Typical Buying Process for B2B Software Purchases

A few years back, we checked in with the Journyx Account Management team and asked them how a prospect turns into a customer, and what a prospect’s main concerns are that drove them to seek a new solution. It was all very informative and gave us a pretty great read on how customers find us. It shook up our business process and was so useful to us that we couldn’t keep it to ourselves any longer.

As the way we do things — and I mean all things — changes dramatically with the exponential increase of knowledge, data and technological advances, the way businesses purchase new technology has changed as well. More purchases have shifted online and companies without an online presence are doomed to failure (we’re looking at you, Blockbuster).

So what does this look like in terms of data? According to a recent article by, “87% of large companies consult online reviews,  63% consulted reviews when building a shortlist of software products to evaluate, 44% of buyers wrote reviews after a positive experience, [which] trumps the number of people who write reviews after a negative experience (29%).”

This flowchart infographic takes you through the buying process companies typically go through when making a business software purchase.


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