Using a Mobile Time Tracking App to Manage a Remote Workforce

The best project managers are masters of efficiency. You’ve heard the joke about the glass that’s half full or half empty—project managers know that’s just a case of spending too much on an oversized glass. As projects move increasingly in a remote direction, you need the right tools to help you keep track of everything in one location, even when your team is all over the place. At Journyx we’re happy to have an answer ready: our mobile app for project time tracking makes it easy to keep all your ducks in a row. Here’s how.

User Experience

We keep the user interface simple so that it can be used by anyone. The whole point of employee time tracking apps for mobile is that you have access to them wherever you or your team is working. We’ve purposely kept the user experience accessible so that anyone on your team is able to pick it up quickly and input their info.

Or maybe you’re out in the field working with a crew, needing to track multiple users. Ease of use means a supervisor can pull up the electronic timesheet app and track everyone’s time and tasks from their device, and it’s the same experience no matter who is using it. Use it however works best for you—because you know that the less time you spend tracking hours and tasks, the faster you’ll be meeting your deadlines. Our timesheet software saves you time at every juncture, and it’s easy to use!

Accuracy Means Efficiency

Just because the app is simple to use doesn’t mean it’s not complex under the hood. Our algorithms ensure that while the look of the app is quick and easy, you’re still guaranteed to get the most accurate time entries. You get all of the rules, all of the customization of the Journyx experience, all in your pocket, ready and easy to use.

Smart Phone, Smart Benefits

Did we mention customization? Anyone can make a time tracking app, but we’ve made sure that ours fits your needs like a glove. Whatever is important to you, make the adjustments to highlight it so that users see it as a robust extension of your company’s vision. And having the app on a mobile platform gives you all the benefits of the latest smartphones: keep a log of work locations using GPS tracking, and get set up with voice shortcuts so you can track hours without even opening the app. Whatever your business needs, we’ve put in the work and time so you don’t have to.

Get Started

While the move toward remote work can be great for your company’s bottom line, it can also provide extra things for you to keep track of as you oversee a team that is no longer under the same roof as you. We’d love to see you shave more time off your projects and increase those profit margins, and using Journyx is a quick and easy way to do that. We know that for project managers, quick and easy is your bread and butter, so schedule a demo today to see if our app is right for you!

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