Why an ERP Is So Important for Your Business

The importance of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems can’t be overstated for most businesses. Anyone in an operational management role is well aware of the crucial nature of streamlining communication and maintaining connections across platforms, so if you’re a project manager or CIO, you’re likely either already using an ERP or on the verge of doing so. Here’s an overview of why this type of system is so beneficial.


All but the smallest businesses typically involve multi-layered workflows across many different departments—human resources, ordering, distribution, and more—which can cause breakdowns in communication and a litany of other issues.

Fortunately, an ERP bridges the gap between all the arms of your company, ensuring that everyone (or nearly everyone) is operating on the same platform, with the same database of information. By providing a consistent starting point for everyone behind the scenes of your business’s operations, an ERP system can make collaboration easy.


Experienced project managers know the importance of enterprise resource planning, and they know just as well that waste is the enemy. Any amount of time spent on unnecessary tasks negatively impacts your bottom line, and while running a multifaceted business can lead to plenty of opportunities for accidental waste, the reality is that inefficiency should not be an expectation.

When you employ the right ERP system to keep everyone connected, you can eliminate the need for repeat data—both in storage and in access—thereby reducing redundancies across your company. When you have all your information in one place, readily accessible for the full management team, you can minimize waste throughout the organization.


Related to both points above, one of the last things you need, especially as your company grows, is to have to sort through a variety of communications on multiple platforms. Not only does an ERP provide a consistent framework of communication and a consistent platform for all your tasks, it also provides a consistent user interface, so that people throughout your company will be able to use it without additional training. The ability to seamlessly move from one department to the next will save you time as well as potentially reduce the personnel you have to bring in to deal with projects.

ERP Integration with Journyx

While an ERP can be a lifesaver for your business, there are plenty of ways it can still leave you wanting. ERP systems provide most everything you need, but there are some areas where their one-size-fits-all approach can prevent you from fully optimizing your ability to track time and tasks for payroll and project management.

Fortunately, Journyx provides a cleaner, more comprehensive (and customizable!) platform to achieve these tasks, and it seamlessly integrates with your existing ERP. Request a demo today to take your existing ERP system to the next level with Journyx.

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