Why do CEOs hire people backwards?

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Below is an article highlighting certain hiring practices of successful companies and how you can implement them for your small business. Visit their site here for the full article.

CEO’s have two choices in hiring:

  1. CEOs can search for great people and then create motivation, alignment and profits – BACKWARDS!!!!
  2. CEO’s can hire passionate, motivated and aligned people who are chasing the CEO’s bus because those people already on the bus are excited, charged with energy, and aligned to a revenue strategy which is achieving profitable growth based on an aligned True North.

Guess which Apple, Disney and Harley do? At these companies the employees are there to achieve the shared True North (WHY, Dream, Vision, etc.) as a member of a committed team. There is a deployable strategy being executed and everyone (internal and external), everything (all structure) and 100% of focus is on bringing that True North to the market.

There will always be opportunities for improvement in this changing world, but the “happiest place on earth” or “making a dent in the universe” or the “ultimate driving machine” will continue to be the True North for Disney, Apple and Harley where the improvement is in how customers experience the True North.

When CEOs decide to get the right people on the bus the focus is on the people, their skills, their ability to grow, contribution, lead and follow plus any number of other well-meaning measures.

This CEO finds the BEST person to put on the bus and then learns if that person is aligned to the company’s True North and improving the CEO’s brand or this is the most money someone has offered them and they are working for the money.

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