The Benefits of Integrating Time Tracking with Your ERP System

Is your employee time tracking system integrated with your your ERP software? If not, Curt gives you two great reasons why syncing your time collection and ERP systems will not only make your life easier, but also save you money.

Hello. Today we’re gonna talk about integrating your time collection system with your ERP system. We run across customers all the time who have a timesheet system and they have an ERP accounting system, and the two are not connected. Or, somebody’s taking the data out of this system and they’re manually typing it in to this other system. What’s wrong with that?

Don’t you have something better to do with your life then typing in a bunch of data over and over and over and over and over until your hair falls out? That would be the first and most important reason: life is too short to type in data that should just be automatically entered.

The second reason is that you make mistakes. It’s impossible to type in data, by hand, endlessly forever and make no mistakes. Somebody that’s doing that will always get bored and get distracted and there’s a phone call and they would make a mistake. They’ll leave something out, they’ll put something in, they’ll miss-key something, and that costs money. It costs money from overpaying people, from under-billing people, from misunderstanding your costs, and that’s what computers are supposed to do.

So let’s say that you figure out that you made a mistake when you typed things in manually. Now you have to correct the mistake. But frequently, you found this mistake out after you’ve already closed a prior period. So now the correction is actually 3 or 4 or 5 times more work than the actual entering of the data was manually in the first place.

All this can be solved by integrating your timesheet system with your Microsoft® Dynamics™ Great Plains system or your QuickBooks® system or your SAP® system or whatever you’re connecting to. Having that automated integration connectivity between the timesheet system and the ERP system is incredibly powerful. It also allows you to start to do other things with the data, finer delineations of data, more data. It’s OK if people have ten time records a day instead of one time record a day because you’re not typing it in manually anymore. So the richer data becomes available to you, and that’s a very powerful reason for automating the integration of your timesheet system with your ERP system. So get on it!

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