What to Look for in Timesheet Software: Single Sign-On & Access

The key to empowering employees to track their time is to make it as easy as possible. In this episode, Curt explains how Single Sign-On and multi-device access will go a long way towards achieving that goal.

Checklist item numbers seven and eight, single sign-on and access from all different devices. Single sign-on is when you hit the time entry system and because you’re already logged in to your Windows desktop, you’re – BOOM – you’re just logged in, you don’t have to log in again. And that’s a checklist item that I would say any time tracking system you wanna have, because you wanna limit the friction that stops people from getting their time in. Having to remember yet another password, that’s friction. You wanna not have that. Checklist item number eight is access from all devices. Whether an employee is at home, or at work, or on their iPad, or on their Android cell phone, you need to be able to get to the time entry system and enter your time. You wanna be able to do it while you’re in the restroom on the airplane with a disconnected client capability, or when you’re traveling or when your home or at work or when you’re driving down the highway entering your time…maybe that’s not (Not in Austin)…we’re not there yet. You wanna have a system that allows you to get your time entered from any device that makes sense.

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