What to Look for in Timesheet Software: Data Validation

Many bad business decisions are made because of bad data – which is a frequent problem with time and expense tracking systems. Curt talks about how bad data gets into your business systems, and how the right time and expense tracking solution can help.

The next topic is data validation. A frequent problem with time tracking collection systems, and expense management systems, is bad data in the system. How does bad data get into the system? Somebody enters 25 hours in one day…now if you’re a lawyer, well that’s a whole other story. Actually, ok, I’m gonna tell that story. I had a law firm tell us here at Journyx, “Hey, your system doesn’t let me put 25 hours in.” And I was, like, well that’s because there’s only 24 hours in a day. And he said “Look, I have contracts with customers. I get to charge customer for driving to or from their place of business, and if I’m talking on my cell phone to a customer, I get to bill them for it. So that means, if I’m driving from customer A to customer B while talking to customer C on the cell phone, I get to bill all three at the same time.” So that’s how it gets to be more than 24 hours in a day. And this is why I try not to hire lawyers if I can possibly avoid it. In any event, data validation is a tool where we can say, don’t let anybody enter more than X hours per day on this project. Or once the number of hours on this project exceeds Y, no more hours are allowed to be entered into that project. Or you can’t take more vacation than you actually have in your vacation bank that you’re allowed to take. Or this employee’s not allowed to work overtime or they’re cut off and not allowed to enter more time once they reach a certain…or this employee needs to work at least 40 hours per week, they need to somehow account for 40 hours per week. So all of these things are data validation capabilities that you want to have in any software system that you got. That’s checklist item number 6, I think.

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