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When you’re evaluating software to solve certain business problems (such as cost-effective solutions for project time and expense tracking), one of the first things you probably look for on the software vendor’s website is pricing.

How much is this software going to cost? At Journyx, we’re often asked why we don’t have pricing information readily available on our website. It’s a very good question, and something I would ask in your position, too.

There are a lot of options out there when it comes to buying business software. Some software you can simply buy off the shelf; but when it comes to purchasing software to solve a complex business problem, you want to make sure that you work with a vendor that will put the time and effort into the process of understanding your requirements and delivering a solution to meet those needs to the best extent possible. This fundamental concept is why we, at Journyx, feel we just can’t provide an off-the-shelf price for a non-off-the-shelf set of needs.

Many things can influence the price of enterprise software, including:

So what is the pricing for Journyx?

We believe in a one-price approach for both our hosted (cloud) and on-premise options. Both the hosted and on-premise options are priced on a per license, per month basis. We offer a base solution, Journyx JX for project-based time tracking or Journyx PX for time tracking plus resource management tools, with additional configurations and add-ons available based on your specific needs.

You can compare our core products and features here.

This is why we go through a “needs analysis” with you at the beginning: to determine these requirements and put together a custom solution that fits your needs. Then, we provide an obligation-free demo of our custom solution for your business.

Contact us today for a quote to find out the specific pricing for your solution.