Microsoft® Project Time Tracking with Journyx Projectlink 

Track project time more effectively with Journyx + Microsoft® Project

Microsoft® Project is great for project planning and management, but it lacks tools for tracking project actuals in one place and managing assignments and allocations. Journyx Projectlink™ is built to solve this problem with Microsoft® Project time tracking and cost tracking – so you can stay focused on delivering your projects, on time and on budget.

With Journyx Projectlink™, you can:

  • Track project time and costs once in Journyx and sync data to both Microsoft® Project and your ERP system to keep project budgets up-to-date.
  • Roll time and cost data up into the right projects in Microsoft® Project.
  • Track detailed project actuals at any time from any location, on desktop or mobile devices.
  • View accurate, real-time status updates for project coordination and project cost accounting and control.
  • Easily sync your Journyx time and cost data to Excel® spreadsheets using Journyx Reportlink™.
microsoft project time tracking

To learn more about Journyx Projectlink time tracking for Microsoft® Project, download the infosheet below.

Featured Case Studies

Just Associates
Just Associates
"We can understand so much more with the use of Journyx and out ability to easily extract, manipulate, and analyze data. I rely on Journyx for KPIs and reports because I trust the data it gives us."
We went to Journyx to make us more efficient and effective – which it has enabled us to accomplish. Additionally, our clients are happier, as they spend less time reconciling invoices and are now better able to track expenditures per project.