3 Top Advantages of Using an ERP Time Tracking Integration for Resource Planning

If you’re responsible for any type of project management business, chances are you’re using an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. These software suites offer an array of accounting tools that are great for accounting, budgeting, and tax preparation. However, while there are advantages of enterprise resource planning systems, there are also plenty of shortfalls.

Ironically, even though an ERP has the word “resource planning” in its name, these tools are not very great for assigning resources at an employee or project level. And while ERP platforms often come with add-on features to resource planning and time tracking—which sounds great in theory—the truth is that these built-in features are usually pretty unimpressive. You’ll probably be limited in your ability to customize time tracking features to meet your needs. And you’ll likely have to pay an arm and leg for additional licenses to add new users.

Basically, it’s like having a really great car with little more than an AM radio. It has the engine to take you where you need, but you aren’t going to have a great road trip playlist to make the drive go by.

With a time tracking and/or resource planning integration for your existing ERP system, you get to upgrade that old radio to a premier sound system. Let’s take a look at what that means for you.

Advantage 1: Cost

This one might not seem obvious at first glance. If an ERP is supposed to be comprehensive, why would you want to add on other platforms? There are several major reasons, but cost is one of the biggest when it comes to things like time and performance tracking. The time management systems tied to most standard ERPs all require licenses, most of which are expensive (sometimes as high as $75 per user per month) to activate. With a tool like Journyx JX handling your time tracking, you get better versions of the same features that come as built-in options on your existing ERP, and at a fraction of the price.

Advantage 2: Efficiency

There’s nothing worse for your business than wasting time. That’s doubly true when it comes to avoidable waste on the management side. When you’re taking care of your payroll needs, you want to get through the task quickly, which means having the best, most efficient software at your fingertips.

Time tracking integration within an ERP gives you a major advantage: rather than getting bogged down with a slow, uncustomizable system, using an add-on means that you’re using something that is specifically designed to meet your needs.

Time tracking software gives employees in HR, account management, and project management roles more granular insight into the actual hours employees are logging for various tasks. Best-in-class time tracking tools also allow you to customize timesheets to make time entry and approvals easy. And when it’s time to do payroll, you can import those approvals directly into payroll software.

Advantage 3: True Resource Planning

Time sheets can be complicated, but fortunately for you they are our specialty. When you use a specialized timesheet software like Journyx—which is seamlessly integrated with your existing ERP—you get access to a flow of data that is invaluable to your business. This isn’t a shoehorned add-on; rather, Journyx time tracking integration gives you a bidirectional sync of data between your system and ours. You get info on users, cost categories, and expenses, all of which feeds back into your ERP so you can see how best to use your team and pursue your project goals.


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There’s nothing wrong with enjoying the competitive advantage of an enterprise resource planning system. For a lot of your business’s payroll-related needs, an ERP is an essential tool that will get you where you need to go. But at Journyx, we want to make sure you get where you’re going faster.

When you use Journyx JX with your existing ERP, you will quickly find your systems running smoothly, with all the magic of your favorite song coming up on the drive (on the best stereo, of course). Request a demo today to see what you’ve been missing.

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