Hey, Hey, GP Users! It’s Fabrikam Day!

Happy Fabrikam Day!

You’ve heard of Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Siblings Day. Then there’s Pi Day, Donut Day, Bacon Day, and Star Wars Day. But what’s this new “Day” celebration with the funny name of “Fabrikam”?

If you’re part of the Dynamics GP community of users and partners, you’ll know that Fabrikam is the name of the fabricated (see what they did there?) company name used in GP sample data. According to a post on the njevity To Go blog:

Back in 2007, Microsoft refreshed the Dynamics GP sample data. When they did this, they changed the name of the GP Sample Company from The World On-Line to Fabrikam and they set the Sample Company date to April 12, 2017.

The sample data in GP is used for testing purposes, and comes complete with vendors, customers, GL accounts, employees and more (you can read more about Fabrikam on Amber Bell’s Training Dynamo blog).

Word got around to GP customers and partners to celebrate this hallowed day in Dynamics GP history by taking team photos with a sign that says #FabrikamDay. So, I present to you our Fabrikam Day photo!

That’s Curt Finch in the middle, and various staff (including myself) around the perimeter. But wait…those are not our names on those name tags! If you recall from earlier in this post, GP sample data includes sample employees. So, each of the pictured staff members have adopted a name of a sample employee from Fabrikam.

Are you celebrating Fabrikam Day today? What are you doing to ring in the new GP sample company?

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