Is Inaccurate Time Data Impacting Your Bottom Line?

Our core purpose at Journyx is to improve lives by giving organizations and their employees clarity on the value they bring into the world. Time is our most valuable asset – and no matter what job you have, your time spent doing that job is meaningful and impactful to the company you work for. It’s for this reason that it needs to be carefully and accurately tracked.

The reason our CEO, Curt Finch, started Journyx was because he knew, from practical experience, the impact of time data on a company’s profitability. In his book, All Your Money Won’t Another Minute Buy, Curt talks about how valuable time data was during his days working in software consulting – so valuable, it gained the consulting company a competitive advantage and was worth millions of dollars of revenue.

So, if time data is this valuable, the million-dollar question you should be asking yourself right now is: Are we tracking employee time as accurately as we should be?

Last month, Curt Finch along with Meredith Zachritz, Director of Product Management at Journyx, presented a Deep Dive session at the NAVUG Focus conference entitled Time for a Change: Is Inaccurate Time Data Impacting Your Bottom Line? During the presentation, they talked about the 5 major ways time data impacts your company, the top 4 challenges organizations experience when it comes to time tracking, and how to overcome those challenges.  While this was presented at a conference for users of Dynamics NAV, this is certainly not specific to them – no matter what ERP system you use, the impacts and challenges are universal.

Please enjoy the slidedeck from that session (and, of course, contact us if you have any questions):


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