Mobile/Remote Employee Time Tracking

No matter your industry, it’s increasingly likely that your team is no longer confined to one central location—if it ever was. You’ll need the right tools to keep your team on track and your projects on budget, easily accessible at your fingertips.

How Does Mobile Time Tracking Work?

The possibilities of a mobile workforce may be endless, but at its core, remote time tracking is just an improvement on an oldie but goodie. You won’t need to sacrifice crucial time tracking data and basic functionality to go mobile.

The primary benefits of time tracking are:

  1. Empowering your employees
  2. Streamlining accounting processes
  3. Leveraging business data for efficiency

Just because your employees aren’t in a cubicle doesn’t mean they aren’t working. And many employees appreciate the flexibility of being able to take care of personal business during the day.

How Does Mobile Time Tracking Empower and Motivate Employees?

Forbes found that 51% of employees want more flexibility in how and when they work. By using time tracking software that your employees can access right on their smartphones, you don’t have to sacrifice accurate project accounting, and your employees don’t need to take a whole PTO day to go to the post office.

Access to remote time tracking holds all employees accountable for their time while still allowing them to be in charge of their workdays. Employees can see right in the mobile dashboard how much time they have logged on individual clients, projects, or tasks, which allows them to monitor their own work for efficiency before anyone else ever needs to.

Tracking time spent during their days gives your employees greater autonomy over their workload. Considering that multiple studies have demonstrated that even small shifts, such as increasing choice, will improve motivation, an investment in a mobile time tracking software is likely to pay off quickly.

When they track their own time, employees have a clear sense of how much time they have worked—and what they have accomplished in that time. For some, they appreciate knowing that company leaders will see the work they have put in.

How Does Mobile Time Tracking for Employees Improve Accounting?

The shift from desktop time tracking to a mobile timekeeping app means you get all the benefits of a payroll-focused solution with improved data collection. It’s like having a really big cake and getting to eat it, too.

Using a remote time tracking software reduces the time spent reconciling multiple timesheets, emails, text messages, and vague recollections of last week’s work schedule. Both your accounting department and your employees will appreciate shaving time off invoicing and payroll. They’re also sure to appreciate not having to worry about human error affecting paychecks or spend extra time down the road on corrections.

By having a more accurate representation of the time spent on projects, you will have clearer financial oversight—and insight—with regard to where time is being spent. With software like Journyx’s mobile app, secure data synchronization and time and expense entries mean that you can bill clients quickly and accurately.

How Will a Mobile Time Tracking App Improve Business Analytics?

When you know you are calculating hours spent on work accurately and billing your clients correctly, you can better project your costs for future projects. Whether your employees are exclusively work-from-home or spend most of their time in the field, not skipping out on time tracking means your business has access to valuable insights into where time is being spent.

Implementing time tracking into your regular business practices means you have data to leverage into making important decisions about:

  • Adjusting utilization
  • Improving communication
  • Evaluating organizational health
  • Encouraging autonomy
  • Staying in compliance
  • Increasing mobile work

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