State of Time and Expense Tracking for Dynamics GP

Here at Journyx, we’ve known for a while that certain gaps existed within Dynamics GP when it came to time and expense tracking. Lack of data validation, limited approval workflows, and less-than-stellar reporting capabilities make GP a limited solution for tracking employee time and expenses within that system, especially with Business Portal going away.

Certainly, there are many third-party time and expense tracking solutions in existence that integrate with Dynamics GP (Journyx included, natch). Problem solved, right? Well, not all companies’ business processes are alike – so we wanted to understand more fully what goes on in Time Tracking Village in the Land of GP.

So, we partnered with the fine folks at to survey Dynamics GP users about their use of time tracking within and outside of GP. The results are in, and I’m excited to announce Journyx’s new report, the 2016 State of Time and Expense Tracking for Microsoft Dynamics GP!

Where’s the Time Tracking?

A lot of insights surfaced from the survey, such as why users are upgrading their versions of GP, if they’re using time tracking software, and whether or not they’ve integrated it with GP. The results found that 64% of survey respondents have a need to track time in their organizations, yet 53% do not have a time tracking solution in place. Furthermore, 64% of those who are using third party time tracking solutions do not integrate it with GP.

Why? One of the top two reasons indicated in the survey was because the time tracking solution they’re using does not integrate with Dynamics GP.

The Time Tracking Struggle is Real

We also asked GP users to tell us their biggest pain point when it came to time tracking in their organizations. The top answer: getting time sheets submitted on time. Not a shocker, as we’re actually asked regularly “How do we get our people to submit their time sheets?” The second-biggest pain point: correcting bad data. This relates closely to the issue of submitting time sheets in that they’re both part of a larger problem of making time tracking part of the corporate culture, and having systems in place for capturing the best, most actionable time data.

We’ve summarized the top takeaways from the survey data in the infographic below. To review all the results of this insightful survey, download the full report here.

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