Solving Project Resource Allocation Template Problems with Software

Between materials, equipment, people, and time, there’s no shortage of resources that you have to keep track of when managing a project. In fact, staying on top of all the resources needed for your project may feel like a full-time job—especially if you’re using a project resource allocation spreadsheet template. Although using a project resource allocation spreadsheet can be a valuable tool to help you stay organized, there are many inherent pitfalls in using a manual spreadsheet.

At Journyx, we know how vital it is to stay on top of all the components of your project, which is why we developed resource allocation software that can help you do just that. Here’s a look at some of the issues with project resource allocation spreadsheet templates and how they can be resolved using our software.

The Problems with Project Resource Allocation Templates

Whether you’re using a free Excel resource scheduling template or a project management resource allocation template that was customized for your organization, manually inputting the needed information is both time consuming and inefficient. Though a spreadsheet can help you stay on top of managing all of the required tasks and activities related to a project through organized tables and forecasting graphs, there are a lot of downfalls to relying on one for project management.

A few of the problems you may encounter with project resource allocation templates include:

  • Human Error: Any time you input information manually, there’s a chance for human error. That means key information like costs and time could be entered incorrectly and negatively impact your forecasting and budget. Your employees may also forget to enter needed information, not enter it in a timely manner, or inadvertently change the formulas on the document. All of these missteps can affect the real-time overview of your project.
  • Manual Updates: Resource allocation and project time tracking templates require updates to make sure there are no bugs or security issues. These updates must be done manually, which could cause problems with the file or the information in it that go unnoticed.
  • Limited Sharing Capability: Like any computer-based file, a project resource allocation spreadsheet can be hard to share and update as a team. While you can use a shared drive like Google Drive, it’s not always easy to access the information on the go, and there’s still the issue of inputting everything manually. If your employees are out in the field, they may not be back at their desk to input the information until the next day, when they may forget to do it entirely.
  • Limited Functionality: Often, a resource allocation Excel spreadsheet is only useful in the primary stages of a project. If you need more high-level project management, you may not be able to get the extensive analysis and roadmapping you need.

The good news is that all of these problems can be solved with resource management software.

Solving Those Problems with Software

At Journyx, we’ve developed time tracking and resource management software that addresses all of these problems so that you can get the project resource visibility and financial forecasting you need to successfully complete your project. Journyx PX is a robust resource management, allocation, and schedule software that estimates and tracks costs and time at the resource level.

By automating your project resource allocation spreadsheets, you can save precious time and money. Here are just a few of the benefits of using our software:

  • Shareable Interface: With Journyx software, all of the needed data gets automatically added into a database that can be shared via any cloud-based device. That makes it easier for your team members to both enter and access information, even when they aren’t in the office. While you have access to the same data you’d have in a project resource allocation spreadsheet, that data stays tied to the database, so there’s less room for human error and inaccuracies. It’s also there any time you need it.
  • More Robust Reporting: Through our resource allocation software, you can also gain greater insight into the status of projects with detailed reports that show the metrics that are most relevant for your organization. You can even export data into Microsoft Excel for more custom reporting. This look at real-time data can help you make more confident business decisions and keep your project on track.
    Automatic Updates: Software programs are developed to update automatically any time there’s an upgrade in the program or a new security fix. When that happens behind the scenes, you can be confident that all of your data is still in place and the reports you need are still accessible.
  • Better Cost and Schedule Management: Our resource management software can help you visually track resource usage across project and non-project activities so you can better manage your resource allocation. You can search for and assign available resources, forecast and assess the financial impact of your project resource allocations, and create requisitions for additional resources. Journyx software can also help you assign the right personnel to the right work by tracking productivity and performance.

With effective project resource management software, you know exactly who is working on what project and whether or not your projects are progressing on schedule. You get real-time control over your projects without having to wait on answers.

Why Journyx?

Journyx PX provides work and financial forecasting as well as comprehensive project resource allocation and planning for a complete picture of project and budget status, employee time, and availability. You can also gain insight into profitability for each project. That means you can accurately plan your time, budget, and margins—and see all your associated project costs and forecast project financials—in one convenient location.

Upgrade your project resource allocation spreadsheet template to a software program that means less time and money spent on inputting information and more resources spent on getting your project completed on time and under budget.

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