Activating and Deactivating Employees in Journyx

Journyx includes user account management features that make it easy to manage individual time and expense entry access as employees come and go.  Each user account includes a set of date fields for Employee Start Date and Employee End Date.  You can access these fields under Management–>Users–>Manage Users.  These dates allow you to set up employees or close out their data in process without granting the individuals access to the system outside of their employment dates.

The Employee Start Date field allows you to set the first day on which an employee is allowed to login to the system and enter time/expenses.  You can get all of the employee’s information set up in Journyx before you give the user access to the system.  The new employee will only be allowed to login to Journyx on or after the start date.  Likewise, Journyx will not allow the employee to save time or expenses for days that fall before the start date.

The Employee End Date field is similar and determines the last day an employee is allowed to login to the Journyx system.  The end date also blocks the employee from entering time or expenses for days that fall after the end date.  The end date does not affect any approval processing.  It is still possible to submit and approve the employee’s remaining time and expenses.  It is also possible to report on the employee’s historical information.

While there are other system features that appear to be the equivalent of deactivating an employee (e.g., deleting a user, “hiding” a user by removing from all Groups), Journyx does not recommend using these other features for employees who have entered data in the system.  Deleting a user can only be accomplished if you remove all of the time and expenses for that user, and we generally assume that data is needed.  Hiding a user by removing the employee from Groups removes reporting access for managers and may not deactivate all system email notifications.  Deactivating employees using the Employee End Date takes care of everything with one action.  No other steps are necessary to make sure an account is completely inactive.

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