Manager Approvals Using Organization Compliance Viewer

Journyx offers a variety of tools for supervisors and managers who are responsible for reviewing and approving timesheets for the groups of employees they manage. Email notifications and visual alerts allow them to see when employees submit new information for approval.

In addition to the individual notices they receive as information is submitted, they can also use the Organization Compliance Viewer to see a complete overview of their approval queues and status. The Organization Compliance Viewer is located under the Approvals Compliance menu.

Approvers can use the Organization Compliance Viewer to manage their approval queues in a variety of ways, such as:

  • View which employees have submitted timesheets for a specific period versus which ones are late
  • Ensure the manager has approved all time for a selected period
  • Send emails to employees who are late or need to take some additional action

Upper level managers can also monitor the queues of their direct reports. For example, payroll administrators can view the approval status of all departments to ensure approvals are complete by the deadline required to run payroll for a particular period. Upper level managers also have the ability to use the Organization Compliance Viewer to email specific approvers and users to facilitate the timesheet approval process.

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