The Three Key Advantages of Using Biometric Time Clocks

Biometric time and attendance solutions are fast, efficient, and secure. These improved timekeeping systems have quickly become the industry standard for top-of-the-line security and ease of use. Regardless of the field your organization is in, or what timekeeping device you choose, biometric time clocks improve data accuracy, bolster security, and eliminate time-theft.

How do Biometric Systems Work?

Biometric time clocks work by recognizing an individual’s unique physical traits. There are many advantages to using biometric technology for employee time management, and biometric time clocks are becoming increasingly popular because of their improved security.

One of the most prevalent biometric technologies is the fingerprint recognition system. With these systems, you simply place your finger on the scanner, have your identity authenticated, and clock in or out in a matter of seconds. From the employee’s perspective these systems work with the press of a finger, but inside the system, there are several safeguards to ensure that both the business and the employee remain secure. You can learn about how fingerprint biometric time clocks work in more detail here.

As biometric authentication has grown in popularity and complexity, other clocking options have become available. Today you can find biometric time clocks that function by recognizing a user’s unique face, handprint, or iris shape. Some of these options, such as facial recognition biometrics, can even allow an employee to clock in and out without having to touch the device to confirm their identity.

3 Major Advantages of Using Biometric Time Clocks

Improving Workplace Efficiency with Data Accuracy

Biometric systems can significantly improve the efficiency and accuracy of workforce data collection. By pairing thoughtfully designed biometric time clocks with powerful and easy to use time and attendance software, timekeeping errors can be minimized. Biometric time clocks are intuitive, so your employees can spend less time and energy accounting for their hours more time focusing on the meaningful work that keeps your business going. And the less time and effort your company has to expend verifying timecards and correcting employee accounting errors, the more efficiently your business can run. When these time clocks are paired with automated time and attendance tracking, you get more visibility to the information that matters, while your staff spends less time getting to that data.

Bolstering Business Security with Facility Access Control

Biometric authorization paired with facility access control is one of the best ways to bolster business security. These systems can be set up to ensure customers and visitors remain out of spaces reserved for employees, track employee movement through guarded areas in high security workplaces and prevent trespassing and theft by restricting access to only authorized personnel. Door keys, electronic lock codes, and security cards can be lost, stolen, or misused, but biometric authentication cannot be bypassed so easily. And because the use of biometric devices is carefully logged and recorded, you will know exactly who is using any device each time it is used.

Eliminating Time Theft and Buddy-Punching

Typical time clocks are easy for employees to misuse, either by mistake or on purpose. Various types of time theft like late clock-ins, early clock-outs, and issues like buddy-punching (employees clocking in or out for each other) can run rampant if your organization does not have a biometric time clock system.

By using a biometric time clock, which requires an employee to authenticate their identity each time they use the device, buddy-punching and other forms of time theft become impossible. Using biometrics to deter and prevent theft can save your organization significant costs while providing improved accuracy and clarity of employee hours.

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