Time Entry in GP vs. Third Party Time and Expense Software

With the release of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015, Microsoft has improved the process for entering time for payroll with the Timecard Entry feature. GP 2015 includes updates to the Employee Self Service, removing the dependency on using Business Portal.

This short demo from Microsoft Dynamics VAR Turnkey Technologies gives you an overview of how the timecard entry in GP 2015 works: Learn more about Journyx for Dynamics GP.[nectar_video_lightbox link_style=”play_button_2″ nectar_play_button_color=”Default-Accent-Color” image_url=”12250″ hover_effect=”defaut” box_shadow=”none” border_radius=”none” play_button_size=”default” video_url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RHDWSaiGE-0″]While this time entry solution in GP 2015 does provide additional features, such as time on behalf and timecard defaults, there are still a few gaps for those organizations that need to collect all their time and expense in one, simple user interface. Many organizations need to measure their costs on projects, bill their customer and pay their employees, and collect their time and expenses for both project and payroll purposes in one, simple interface.

Enter Third-Party Time and Expense Tracking

Time and expense tracking software that integrates with Dynamics GP (such as Journyx) provides additional benefits to GP end users that are not present in the native GP timecard entry – namely single-interface entry, which is the most significant difference between the two.

Here are the biggest gaps that third-party time and expense software that integrates with GP fills, which the time entry feature native to GP 2015 does provide:

  • Ability to collect all types of time and expense data in one user interface
  • Ability to enter all types time and expense data through mobile entry
  • Ability to collect “custom” data – bonus, commissions, equipment costs, “widgets”, etc – within the same user interface
  • Resource planning and reporting
  • Data entry validation – min/max hour, conditional data object selection, automatic overtime rules, etc. – that helps cut down on user entry issues and reduces the need for corrections
  • Multi-level approval workflows for time, expense, project and time off requests
  • Robust project cost reporting that eliminates the need to give managers access to GP or continually run reports on their behalf
  • Crew-based entry – enter time on behalf of a group of employees – instead of entering time one employee at a time
  • Flexible accrual calculation and display for end users

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Journyx integrates with Microsoft Dynamics GP and offers a complete time and expense tracking solution for your organization, including everything described above. Learn more about Journyx for Dynamics GP.

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