Do You Value Your Time Enough?

As the world continues to embrace interconnectivity and embraces the Internet of Things, time is starting to be reallocated. No longer do you have to worry about spending an hour every weekend at the grocery store, nor do you have to fly to a conference that is being live-streamed. But do you know the actual value of your time? Better yet, do you know how to treat your time as a valuable product rather than an endless resource?

Consider the value associated with purchasing your groceries through an app. Whether you get them delivered or brought to your car at curbside, you have saved yourself a modicum of time that only cost you under ten dollars. Do you value your time at or above ten dollars an hour? What can you do with that hour that would have been allocated to going inside the store, pushing a cart up and down aisles searching for what you need, and standing in line to pay for your items?

Similarly, consider how embracing different automation tactics at work can be valuable to you. How long have you spent filling out timesheets or compiling expense receipts at the end of a quarter or pay period?

The goal of time and expense tracking solutions like Journyx, or any other software that automates certain tasks, is to give you back more time that could be better spent doing more valuable work. When your timesheets take you thirty minutes, there is a chance other tasks are being pushed off to assure you get your paycheck. What if, instead of using that time for timesheets, you could use that time for more pressing tasks? Would you be able to leave for the day a bit sooner on Friday to see your friends or family if your timesheet was already filled out? By investing in a time and expense tracking solution that automates the task of filling out your timesheet, you’ll be able to prioritize what matters outside your office.

If you save 30 minutes every week on timesheets alone – you will be saving around 1,440 minutes per year.

Is it still difficult for you to justify paying for automation tools and grocery deliveries? Let’s take a mathematical approach to justify the costs and savings that result from investing more into your time:

Let’s use grocery delivery as an example: If you order groceries once a week and pay a $10 surcharge for each delivery, you would be spending $520 per year on top of all the money you are already spending on groceries. That may seem like a shocking number, but when you consider you’re saving 52 hours, possibly more due to holiday bulk shopping, from this endeavor – is it such a bad investment? Is that time savings worth $520 to you? With those extra 52 hours, you could raise money for charity through fun runs, catch more of those early morning soccer games, and spend time with those who matter most to you – resulting in memories that will last a lifetime.

How does this same math translate to your workplace? If you save 30 minutes every week on timesheets alone – you will be saving around 1,440 minutes per year. That’s a full 24 hours lost to inefficient time tracking that could give way to meetings, conferences, or even making more devoted headway on your projects.

All of this is to say – are you valuing your time properly? Whether it’s about seeing your little ones grow up, accomplishing jobs you didn’t think were possible in the timeline, giving your time back to causes for which you’re passionate, or simply having time for yourself, it is vitally important to know the value of your time. Utilizing time automation systems could save you time both at work and at home, letting you decide the value of any given minute.

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