How to Streamline Your Project Schedule

Efficiency, efficiency, efficiency! Project managers know that the most efficient way to handle projects begins with scheduling. At Journyx we provide additional tools to help you streamline your project schedule so that you can focus on getting started and, more importantly, getting things done. Read on to learn a few key methods for shortening a project schedule by using a smart, project-oriented time and expense tracking system.

Predicting Demands

Whether it comes to resource allocations or team deployment, having a clear idea of what and who will be needed throughout your project is an essential part of getting those valuable project achievements. This goes well beyond the simple mechanics of assigning tasks and tools to your workforce; when you’re in a supervisory role, you also need to be aware of any risks that may arise during the course of your project. While the very nature of risk means you can’t entirely predict it, having a clear picture goes a long way toward eliminating potential pitfalls.

Whatever the needs of your project—even those that hopefully won’t arise—having a map predicting the demands of the task will contribute greatly to getting it done. Even beyond your own work, work that has already been scheduled for members of your team could cause delays or unnecessarily broaden the scope of your project, so you want to make sure you have all the possible data in front of you. Journyx PX, which adds resource management tools to our core time tracking software, gives you a simple Gantt chart interface to see availability, scheduled work, productivity, and more for all your personnel, ensuring you will be able to effectively deploy them to make things run smoothly.

Meeting Needs

So you’ve identified what the project will require of you. Now you have to come up with the best way to meet those requirements. This too revolves entirely around your awareness. What are your delivery dates? What aspects of the project might drop out of scope? Who on your team is available, and how might they meet a need?

Forecasting is a detailed process, and often the best way to look ahead is to look to past performance to get an idea of what might await you. This too is a need, and having tools that can analyze your data and look forward are a great way to make sure you’re ready and waiting every step of the way.


All of these predictions come down to data. If you have the right information in front of you, it’s easy to build an accurate picture of what to expect. Unfortunately, while a lot of that data is available, getting it all in one place can be another task you have to plan for.

With Journyx PX, everything is visible in a comprehensive, simple format. PX, our resource management add-on, goes beyond everything that is included in Journyx JX for smart time tracking, giving you an increased level of detail that can provide resource analysis at an individual level so you can see which of your contractors have the availability, and at what cost. We know that getting a bird’s eye view of everything can be invaluable in planning out every stage of your project so that your schedule maximizes your budget.

Let Us Help

The quest for efficiency is never-ending, and sometimes nebulous for project managers. If everyone knew what part of your project were fat to trim, there would never be any waste to begin with. And while waste might still arise, we are committed to making sure that you and your team are able to be laser-focused.

When you use Journyx PX, you get as much data as possible to meet your resource scheduling and capacity planning needs, and you get it in a way that isn’t going to take up more of your time. Request a demo today to see what streamlined project planning can really mean.

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