Resource Allocation in Healthcare

Journyx provides solutions for healthcare providers—including home healthcare agencies, doctors’ offices, nonprofit organizations, and more—to stay up to date with ongoing, clear time and expense tracking.

Our software has provided our healthcare clients with solutions for:

  • Tracking Time and Attendance: In order to understand where your resources can be used, you have to know when they’re available. Trying to integrate disconnected time and attendance software—or relying on manual entry—is time-consuming and likely to lead to errors that add up over time.
  • Assessing the Scope of Projects: Whether you’re expanding in-house or providing services to other organizations, tracking the actual utilization of your resources in real time and comparing it to your projections means you can make proactive decisions to keep the project on track, even if challenges arise.
  • Decreasing Costly Nonproductive Time: What’s always worked in the past may not always work in the future. As trends in healthcare shift, organizations must continually evaluate how to allocate healthcare dollars to ensure increased efficiency and access to care.
  • Minimizing Audit and Compliance Headaches: The American healthcare industry spends about $39 billion annually on the administrative aspect of regulatory compliance, including staying on track when it comes to grant dollars. Having centralized visibility of your resources and spend means not finding out that you’re noncompliant when it’s already too late to make adjustments.

Creative Solutions to Save Money While Increasing Access to Care

Cost-effective and creative wellness solutions such as smoking cessation text message campaigns are rising in popularity and showing promise as a means to increase access to healthcare without massive additional spend. Another creative solution, Journyx’s robust reporting allows healthcare organizations to reduce resource costs and improve quality of care by:

  • Allocating resources at the right skill levels to projects
  • Avoiding last-minute hire costs with proper projections
  • Minimizing hiring cycles by aligning workload with resource capacity
  • Knowing if—and when—to build an on-demand workforce solution

Leverage Healthcare Mobility Trends—Today and in the Future

The healthcare industry has seen massive shifts toward growth in markets that depend on employee mobility, including:

  • Telemetry Nurses: Increasing dependence on high-tech equipment means trained telemetry nurses are in high demand around the country, along with the agencies that place them.
  • Home Health Aides: The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that home health aides will see 34% job growth by 2029.
  • Travel Healthcare Workers: Not isolated from the trends of an increasingly flexible workforce, some agencies depend on RNs, surgical techs, and others who want to work outside of a stationary healthcare facility.

Whether healthcare workers are traveling among facilities in the same city or across the world, organizations can empower their workforce to log their time and expenses on the go using Journyx’s mobile app. This way, you can still leverage good resource tracking data without increasing the burden on your employees.

Indirect Cost Savings Benefits of Resource Allocation in Healthcare

The primary benefits of implementing robust enterprise resource management software are:

  • Managing your resource allocation and usage
  • Scheduling your personnel efficiently
  • Planning (and adjusting) your project schedules
  • Making reporting easier and more efficient

However, investing in a modern resource management solution does more for your organization than just provide a fancy calendar. Here are some indirect cost savings tied to increasing available capacity, improving workforce productivity, and boosting operational efficiency:

  • Increased Employee Retention: Reduced under- and overutilization of your staff, more accurate paychecks, and easier time and attendance tracking means your employees are simply going to be happier.
  • Higher Customer/Patient Satisfaction: Accurate resource allocation (of happier employees!) means that patients and clients are getting better service from your employees.
  • Better Cost Accounting and Projections: On-demand access to both big-picture and detailed data on labor hours, project scopes, and customer profiles means that you know how efficiently your budget is being spent — and where you need to cut ties.
  • Improved Operational Processes: Having the right resources—at the right cost—is crucial for profitability. With Journyx, you can identify your resources and allocate them efficiently depending on their availability, skills, location, rate, or any other criteria you determine is crucial to your enterprise-wide visibility.

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