Caspian One

Caspian One Implements Journyx Time Tracking with Business Central Integration

The Customer

Caspian One is an agile staffing firm that operates in two unique tech markets—Finance (Fin-Tech) and Broadcast, Media, and Entertainment. Globally, Caspian One empowers clients by providing them with the capability to enable progressive and innovative technological growth in their companies.

For over a decade, Caspian One has utilized market insights and nurtured relationships to facilitate project-led, contract and permanent staff arrangements. In 2019, the average tenure of a Caspian One consultant was 5 years—likely due to their comprehensive coaching programs, opportunities for growth, and a wide variety of incentives, including personal and professional benefits and international trips.

The Challenge

Caspian One’s custom-made time tracking system was good at some things—like converting contractor timesheets to purchase orders or invoices—but was not adaptable for its current needs. The system had very little configuration flexibility; for example, employees could only use one type of time period for timesheets. With recent implementation of its Caspian Partnered Capability product, there became a need to track milestones for time and materials work, and the need to convert timesheets to invoices became much less important. So, Caspian One was left with the negative aspects of its existing system outweighing the positive.

Goals for Success/ROI
  • Reduced transactional work by finance team
  • Single source for time data
  • Timely financial insight

In addition to dealing with the inefficiencies of its time tracking system, Caspian One was looking to replace its core accounting and financial system. The company evaluated two potential new accounting solutions and eventually chose Microsoft Dynamics Business Central (BC). Knowing it would also need a stand-alone time tracking solution to supplement the new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, Caspian One began its search for a best-of-breed time tracking system that integrates with Dynamics BC.

Journyx Solution

Caspian One evaluated many different options before finally landing on Journyx PX time tracking & resource management software. The key feature of Journyx was its Business Central integration. Most other solutions only offered flat file transfers or required a major custom software effort to build a better integration.Another deciding factor for Caspian One was Journyx’s favorable licensing model and price. Other vendors would have been too expensive, especially considering that the firm employs numerous freelancers and contractors to work on different customer sites and the customers need licenses too in order to approve the timesheets.

Since a majority of their users are working on different customer sites with different rules and levels of access, it was especially important for Caspian One to find a software that would allow flexibility for timesheet entry and mobile access. Their customers tend to have complex rules about how time can and cannot be entered, and those rules vary by customer—adding yet another level of complexity.

Why Choose Journyx?
  • Impressive flexibility and customization
  • Two-way integration with Business Central
  • Powerful Org Chart Manager automation

Furthermore, Caspian One had a huge problem with having to correct errors on approved timesheets—and even on time already billed to customers. But now, with the validation rules built in to Journyx time tracking software, timesheets will no longer be submitted with mistakes. Journyx enables robust custom rules that block users from submitting bad time entries, stopping those expensive manual errors and subsequent data corrections in their tracks.

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